Covid19 has brought on a surge of new business opportunities around the globe with some companies needing to hire hundreds of thousands of workers. As an expert talent acquisition specialist, I really do feel for the recruiting teams at these companies. If you are one of those who are looking to get hired, you should first find out how old do you have to be to work at ulta 2.


Online businesses are thriving. We’re spending more time at home, we need to feed ourselves still, and keep busy at the same time. We need the necessities, and we need entertainment! We’re buying and we’re buying A LOT. I can also assume that there is an enormous amount of people packing and shipping what we are buying. E-commerce is an industry thriving during COVID-19. What job opportunities can you find in this industry?
Research these companies—and many of them are local to Berlin:

OLX ( We are partnering with OLX GROUP to bring you some of their job opportunities through our job board Talent Diverse) Gooo and apply.





Saas products

SaaS products are thriving during COVID-19. SaaS stands for Software-as-a-service, and this industry is in high demand at this moment. You already know about Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, Loom, Slack, and similar others. These software products are keeping individuals and businesses alive and connected. Businesses that aren’t digitized are now scrambling to keep their workers working and connected while at home through SaaS products. Companies now have to survive on the tools and software provided by SaaS companies.

You have an enormous amount of job opportunities with SaaS companies because they’re already developed and are now in extreme demand. 

Here is a list of SaaS companies you can consider.

Pitch is hiring Zoom is hiring like crazy. Canva is hiring.

Taxfix is a Berlin-based online Tax submission service and just raised $27 Million.  Figma is making design accessible for everyone and just raised $40 Million. Typeform is a survey tool for companies and they’re hiring.

Productivity & Project Management Tools



Notion is an online workspace for teams, and they just raised $50 Million.

Coco is a joy-based productivity app based in Berlin, and they’re hiring.



TogglFully remote roles

Social and connectivity apps and platforms 

Connectivity platforms are thriving during COVID-19. We want to stay connected with our family and friends in ways we never had to do before. Every kid on the block now knows what Zoom is. Instagram live is booming, and TikTok has overthrown Snapchat. Well.

Here is a list of social apps ad platforms hiring.

TikTok is hiring like madness GLOBALLY. And that is because of you. 🙂

Instagram is also hiring. 

YouTube is hiring.

SnapChat is hiring globally. 

Wechat is hiring


This is the season for the gaming industry!

Gaming companies are experiencing a surge in demand because consumers are searching for alternative sources of entertainment besides Netflix and social media platforms.

You may not be a game fanatic and you don’t need to be one; however, you may be pleased to know that you can easily transfer your work skills to support multiple departments in gaming companies. For example, you can easily transfer your customer service skills as a travel agent to becoming customer service support in a gaming company. Try pivoting your career search to this industry and check out:

Wooga is hiring.

Riot Games is hiring globally.

Yager is hiring.

Klang is hiring.

In addition, when hiring, make sure to do social media background checks, which provide vital information that help employers minimize the risk of a bad hire. You may visit sites like for more info.

In Conclusion

Be strategic about your job search strategies. The entire economy is shifting and so should your mindset about work and finding the right job for you. You can do this, each and everyone of us are unique individuals who have unique gifts to contribute to our world. There isn’t a point in time where it has been demonstrated that certain innate abilities are not useful, they are all and so are YOU. Stay courageous and conquer this season.