Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is at the core of our work. Our clients and partners come from many different places in the world and are all looking to build successful careers in Berlin. For our team and mostly our founder, diversity means all that is Different and Unique in us and others. That being but not limited to :

Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual orientation, Socio-economic status, Age, Physical abilities, Religious beliefs, Political beliefs, life views and more.

This intersectionality is possibly the best way an individual or organisation can come to in trying to understand diversity and thus decide to extend to inclusion which is when one recognizes that personal, cultural and institutionalized discrimination creates and sustains privileges for some while creating and sustaining disadvantages for others.


Why we pursue Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Our founder and career advisors have been working in the field of Talent Acquisition and Employment branding in tech for more than ten years combined and continually experience the challenge to attract, hire and retain diverse technical talents. Other than tech being a competitive and fast paced field, the number of qualified and experienced technologists are staggering low to try and meet the demand at hand. Research shows that the most prevalent imbalance for companies has been gender followed by race and ethnicity in building diverse teams. There are countless explanations as to why this has happened and mostly influenced by how we defines diversity.



Together with the Hackerrank women in tech report for 2019 and the state of women in tech report 2019 women make up only 20 percent of technologists and are occupying junior positions. For the few women who have graduated and have now started to work, the technology industry has been unable to retain nor promote the women in the field. Women are leaving the industry and the prime explanation for leaving has been their work environment.


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