Who We Are

Our Mission

My Career Path is a career coaching and professional development platform with the mission to empower women and under-represented talent to build successful careers . Founded by Kave Bulambo who has been working in the field of Talent Acquisition and development for the last seven years. The mission of My Career Path is to empower our clients with critical skills that adequately prepares them for a 21st-century job market.


Our Impact

We are believers in social transformation in that our business can transform society. We have consciously chosen to be a company that champions diversity and inclusion by giving opportunities to minority groups. This will be through our hiring processes but also through social impact project.

We will actively contribute to projects that will promote innovation and the inclusion of women and girls into the tech industry.


Our Values

How we think:

  • Knowledge is power and we will share it with people so they can change their narrative, get on the right track, and focus on the process.
  • Every human being has extreme value to society and business and therefore deserve respect.
  • Choosing to make a difference is empowering and bold.
  • Be yourself, reflect every day, and stay open to uncertainty.

How we operate:

  • People first and the profits will follow.
  • Open communication and transparency is the mantra.
  • Small steps lead to bigger steps.
  • Why rush if we can live life in the now?


What success means to us

  • Loving what we do.
  • Helping people rise up from difficulties.
  • Connecting and collaborating with people to foster a diverse community.


How we hope to live our lives:

With curiosity and tons of joy as we progress through the journey of life and work.